ESP View

Simpler sustainability reporting

Publish your sustainability performance to all stakeholders in real-time, effortlessly.
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ESP View offers

Continuous stakeholder engagement

Present the data held in ESP Hub on tv displays, corporate intranet, or the internet, to demonstrate your sustainability plans and success.

Positively impact the planet

Public commitment to carbon emission reduction and keeping global warming in check is invaluable for motivating your stakeholders, and gaining buy-in to your reduction initiatives.

Improve brand reputation

Add value to your brand by sharing your story. Sustainability issues are becoming a buying decision, with consumers switching to more sustainable brands.

Reduced administration

ESP View automatically loads and publishes your results in real-time. Dynamic and easy to understand infographics will bring your data to life.

Stay on brand

Present results in your brand with personalisation and beautiful graphics

Customisable styles

Fonts, colours and background are customisable to your brand.

Personalised content

Optional screens to describe your initiatives and results.

Simple onboarding

A simple monthly subscription provides access to ESP view on any webpage.

Publish effortlessly

ESP data connectors gather live data and publish automatically.

Multiple devices

Display the information where it is most effective, including TV screens, intranet or the internet.