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ESP’s services have been used by 150+ businesses at over 1,000 sites to report and deliver savings of $81m, and avoid 61,000t of CO2-e.
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Market leading innovation

New Zealand’s leading technology and services to efficiently deliver your energy efficiency goals.

Develop and deliver your energy management plan with award winning auditors, engineering specialists and certified measurement professionals, supported by New Zealand’s most advanced energy efficiency software. Achieve energy results that can’t be matched.

Reduce energy use

Achieve quick wins and sustain long term reduction in energy use to become more energy efficient.

Reduce Costs

Sustainable reduction in cost is best achieved through energy efficiency and sharp tariff negotiation.

Improve asset life

Significant savings in reduced repairs and maintenance result from improved utilisation and extended asset life.

Improve sustainability

Reduce carbon emissions with energy efficiency and process heat improvements.

“The Monitoring & Targeting project proves the adage that you can’t manage what you don’t measure”
Bruce Fyfe

Group General Manager – Commercial, Wilson Hellaby

ESP offers

The services you need to define your energy management plan, deliver results and sustain industry leading energy performance.

From audits to automation, ESP invests in bringing the most innovative and productive services to the market. Our goal is to enable your team to achieve the most cost effective outcomes.

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Market Leading Technology

ESP provides the technology needed to cost effectively monitor and integrate energy efficiency to deliver and sustain results.

ESP Hub is New Zealands leading energy efficiency software. Hub can be rapidly connected to a range of meters to immediately provide your utilities consumption throughout the month, including electricity, gas, solar and water.

Advanced features help set targets, plan projects, report to stakeholders and analyse performance issues. Advanced alerts are powered by machine learning to identify when performance is off track, qualifying whats important and automatically notifying you to anomalies. 


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Human Intelligence

When you need the advice or services to solve complex problems, ESP has the knowledge and experience to deliver pragmatic and accurate advice – and faster results.

With award winning engineers and proven results, the ESP team have the range of services to achieve your energy efficiency, fuel switching and decarbonisation goals.

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Cost effective performance

Traditional audit based approaches to energy efficiency produce less effective results, due to the timing and frequency of the audit engagement. Accenture in their report “What’s Wrong with Traditional Energy Management?” identified that in dynamic environments, audits alone often revert to their previous state within a year.

Talk to us today to identify the most cost effective energy, carbon and water optimisation approach to improve the efficiency of your building.

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Tariff Negotiations

Along with Energy Efficiency, ESP can help reduce energy costs.  Power factor correction, capacity management and tariff negotiations all help reduce charges from Energy retailers.

ESP have 20 years of experience negotiating the best deals in the market. We are independent and transparent with our process to ensure you understand and can make a choice based on the metrics important to your business.

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