Visibility of water use to reduce waste and cost.

Water is an increasingly precious resource. ESP Hub provides detailed visibility of your water usage to help you make the right decisions at the right time.
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Proven Performance

ESP monitors 195 million litres of water every month, identifying waste and inefficiencies.

Leave behind monthly bills to manage water use. Access detailed, accurate data, updated everyday, to analyse how and when you use water. ESP Hub continously monitors usage and alerts anomalies, providing you with the right information to act at the right time.

Environmental performance

Optimise your demand on our scarce water resources with the data needed to be a more sustainable business.

Reduce water costs

ESP has saved businesses hundreds of thousands in water costs by reducing on site leakage.

Align with production needs

Optimise use and reduce wastewater by aligning with business hours and process needs.

Publicise your success

Publish your sustainability performance automatically to stakeholders with ESP View, GRESB and Carbon reporting.

“Having the 24/7 monitoring and visibility across a large complex site has proved invaluable over the time Auckland Zoo has partnered with ESP. This program has enables us deliver our water savings and water conservation outcomes. Having access to accurate data has helped focus resource and prioritise projects to improve the operation of the Zoo”
Steve Simpson

Zoo Facilities Manager, Auckland Zoo

Efficiency, Sustainability and Performance

Consolidate your water, energy and carbon management on ESP Hub to optimise and report on sustainability and performance.

ESP’s software and service model provide always-on optimisation; delivering more effective and sustainable results. Be your most productive and have information available when you need it, with advanced alerting to ensure you know when performance is not as expected.

Advanced Analytics

We use retail quality meters to gather water data and combine it with your other utilities in our cloud analytics platform, enabling you to easily and accurately benchmark your performance.

You can then target and sustain improvements more cost effectively than traditional service-based water management approaches.

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Human Intelligence

Achieve quick wins and long term results with ESP’s experienced engineers. The ESP team provide specialist and independent capabiility to deliver water audits, feasibility studies and evaluate potential solutions.

Alternatively, our managed services guarantee access to skills and experience that can compliment your internal team capacity, for a fixed monthly fee.

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Independent reporting

Be informed, with anytime access to accurate water information. ESP Hub provides the information to stay on top of your usage, manage relationships and optimise outcomes for all parties.

ESP Hub provides clarity for all parties of their energy, carbon and water sustainability report requirements.

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