Property & Facility Managers.

Portfolio performance through data-driven insights.

Make better management decisions to improve performance, mitigate risks, and attract high-quality tenants with our suite of utility monitoring software and expert efficiency consultancy.

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Our clients have avoided
0,000,000kg of carbon emissions and saved
$0,000,000 in utility costs.

Trusted by outstanding businesses.

Auckland Council Energy Efficiency
Auckland Council Energy Efficiency
Impact-heavy, resource-light.

Cost-effective building performance.

Property managers must contend with increasing administration requirements and growing pressure for improved building efficiency – all while juggling the needs of their occupants.

Unlock ongoing positive performance growth with provable ROI and minimal resource requirements through our suite of services that won’t blow your budget.

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“The monitoring and analysis by ESP has allowed us to understand the usage profile in our major properties and with variance alerts provided, we can investigate any use outside normal parameters – in essence what can be measured can be managed”

Peter Young

Manager Corporate Property and Facilities, Auckland Council

Reduce operating costs.

Deliver cost evaluations of your building’s operations with detailed, real-time data on a single platform across all asset classes and meter types. 

Get the insight you need to reduce operating costs, improve building performance and spot opportunities to better maintain valuable assets.

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Attract quality tenants

New Zealand Government agencies and large corporate tenants are seeking out buildings with heightened operational performance aligned with their sustainability goals.

Prove your building is actively reducing its utility and carbon expenditure with the appropriate data and building accreditations.

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Manage asset risks

Mitigating asset risks is an important part of any property and facility manager’s role. Make your job easier with the right software and consultant support to identify and mitigate risks before they become hazardous events.

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Increase property value

Attract a greater pool of investment opportunities with sought-after global building accreditations and the supporting carbon and utility data to back them up.

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You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

Let’s talk 0800 222 ESP

You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

Let’s talk 0800 222 ESP

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