Your intelligent utility and carbon analytics platform

The information needed to continuously monitor utility and carbon performance, plan improvements and deliver results.
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ESP Hub offers

Software that spans the information gap beween environmental and economic intent and action.

ESP Hub connects your environmental data to the cloud, applies Machine Learning to identify improvements, and presents actions to reduce environmental impacts and optimise costs.

Continuous Measurement

ESP Hub monitoring and automated fault and waste detection provides peace of mind that your valuable assets are being watched 24 hours a day with qualified issues delivered to you to action.

Continuous Improvement

Machine Learning algorithms are continually learning, not only from your portfolio but across New Zealand’s largest energy, water and carbon dataset.

Continuous Evolution

ESP is a NZ success story, pioneering the use of data to deliver energy efficiency and sustainability. We continuously develop our analytics platform to evolve and deliver new value for you.

“The monitoring and professional services that ESP provide have been invaluable in achieving our results. ESP Hub provides the visibility needed to productively plan and track performance across our entire portfolio”
Matt Rowbotham

GM Procurement and Property, ASB Bank

Rapidly connect to a range of data sources

ESP Hub has a range of data connections that will get you started quickly. Increase the coverage and timeliness to drive further value with our wide range of software and hardware integrations. Access your existing data, implement new smart meters or Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

Energy, water gas data

Incredibly easy to use

ESP Hub’s navigation is beautifully simple, enabling you to identify insights, and target where the most effective results can be achieved.

A single view of information, where and when you need

ESP Hub consolidates the utility and carbon data needed to reduce consumption, reduce cost and improve environmental performance.

Actionable intelligence

Be more productive with leading edge technology to support your team, where and when they need it.