Outstanding NABERSNZ ratings for your buildings

ESP provides the experience and tools to efficiently achieve the NABERSNZ ratings required by high quality tenants and government agencies.
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Benefits of NABERSNZ

Building ratings are increasingly used as the tool for investors and tenants to benchmark building quality.

New Zealand is rapidly following the success of NABERS in Australia where ratings are required for all offices larger than 1,000 sqm. NABERSNZ ratings are now mandatory for many new government tenancies, and government is being asked to extend requirements in line with Australia.   

Attract quality tenants

NABERSNZ ratings above 4 stars are now required by many government tenants. Rated buildings achieve higher occupancy, tenant satisfaction and better results for property owners, managers and tenants.

Be more sustainable

Deliver on your, and your tenants sustainability goals by reducing scope 2 emissions through improved energy efficiency. Efficiently deliver GRESB and automated carbon emission reporting to be more productive. 

Improve asset life

Monitor your plant to optimise asset life and extend repair and maintenance budgets. Energy efficient plant only operates when needed, reducing utilisation inefficiencies and extending replacement cycles.

Be your most productive

ESP’s highly experienced consultants and market leading technology help you deliver more productively to your clients. Plan, manage and report results transparently to all stakeholders across your entire portfolio. 

Know your NABERSNZ

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Experience matters

Industry leading software and services to simplify the NABERSNZ process and deliver great rating results.

To achieve efficient and cost effective results, a range of services and technology are required to measure, monitor and achieve and sustain quality NABERSNZ ratings. ESP’s integrated service offering and extensive experience allows us to deliver more effective energy and environmental results, whether you are looking for a whole building, base build or tenant rating. 

“We believe adopting environmentally sustainable practices like NABERSNZ is the right thing to do and we see it as a win-win outcome on every level.”
Ryan Carter

Portfolio Manager, 151 Property

Leading Technology

ESP provides New Zealands leading technology to efficiently collect the data required to achieve and improve NABERSNZ ratings.

Hub is ESP’s energy efficiency software. Hub can be rapidly connected to a range of meters to immediately provide your utilities consumption throughout the month, including electricity, gas, solar and water. Deliver ongoing improvements with advanced features to set targets, plan projects, report to stakeholders and analyse performance issues. 

ESP Hub provides the information and reporting for all stakeholders, to efficiently deliver and sustain NABERSNZ results.

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Human Intelligence

Achieve quick wins and sustain long term results with support from ESP’s experienced engineers. Our managed services guarantee access to the skills and experience to compliment your internal team. When you need additional consulting capability, we have the data and knowledge to provide pragmatic, accurate advice and deliver results fast.

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Sustainability reporting

Demands for transparency are bringing landlords, property managers and tenants into more collaborative relationships. ESP Hub provides the data and reporting to optimise relationships and outcomes between all parties.

ESP Hub provides clarity for all parties for their energy, carbon and water sustainability reporting requirements.

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Cost effective performance

Traditional audit based approaches to energy efficiency produce less effective results, due to the timing and frequency of the audit engagement. Without continuous monitoring and corrective action 50% of initial gains revert to their previous state within a year.

Talk to us today to identify the most cost effective energy, carbon and water optimisation approach for your efficient building.

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