Smart meters

Quality meters to measure what matters

ESP offers a wide range of smart meters and IoT devices to monitor your environment in realtime.
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ESP offers

The experience and technology to ensure you can gather the data you need.

ESP is New Zealand’s largest measurement and monitoring company of utility sub metering data. ESP currently gathers over 1.5m datapoints every day across more than 1,000 sites.

Quality meters

Data quality matters when you are measuring performance. ESP solutions have been proven over many years to deliver the data accuracy required for accurate decision making.

Range of meters

With a range of smart meters and Internet of Things (IoT) devices for utility and environmental monitoring, ESP has the solution to meet your need.

Connect to existing data

Get up and running rapidly by integrating with Building Management System (BMS) and SCADA data using ESP Connect.

Utility meters

Realtime metering for electricty (including solar), gas and water.

Retail meters

Ingest data from your Time of Use (TOU)  retail metering provider.

Sub meters

High accuracy, revenue grade metering for your main plant and equipment.

Environmental monitoring

Further supplement utility data with other variables including temperature, humidity, production and occupancy, amongst others.
Indoor monitoring
CO2, temperature and humidity metering for tenant comfort and building performance.
Production meters

Measure production inputs & outputs to establish useful perfomance metrics.

ESP Connect

Simple connection of your existing equipment to ESP Hub via our IoT Hub Connect data concentrator.


Connect your Building Management System to ESP Hub for cloud analytics.


Integration with existing data to align energy and production performance.

Business performance

Automated collection of production and virtual data to demonstrate real performance.

EUI meters

End Use Index meters to visualise production data with utility data.

Virtual meters

Create formula based meters from any real or virtual data point.


Reliable data connectivity that is proven in the real world.

Cellular & IoT

Robust and competitive options to meet the demands of your sites.

Hazardous Areas

ATEX certified metering solution for hazardous or challenging environments.