CBRE have teams throughout the country, managing buildings on behalf of landlords. CBRE works to improve the value of the buildings managed however staying on top of large and distributed portfolios means the team need to be as productive as possible.


CBRE and ESP have worked closely for a number of years, continually auditing and monitoring an increasing range of buildings to ensure they are energy efficient. As landlords start to see the advantages a program of NABERSNZ ratings have started, meaning the CBRE portfolio can compete for high quality, including government, tenants. 


Having worked together for a while means the CBRE portfolio are achieving above average NABERSNZ results. The CBRE team are able to be more productive and can communicate the results to landlords, backed by proof, including the use of View, a set of live sustainability dashboards that provide instant and in-situ updates on the business’ sustainability journey so far.