Auckland Council


Managing 3,500 properties with a wide range of uses, distributed around Auckland with a small team is a huge challenge for Auckland Council. However with energy efficiency targets to meet the Council team needed to focus on achieving and sustaining gains through partnership.


The ESP energy and water monitoring solution was implemented at nearly 100 of the Councils largest, or most used buildings. The team is able to remotely identify and target improvements in the portfolio and be alerted when anomalous usage occurs. The system is now a core component of delivering to the corporate property portfolios emission reduction targets of 50% reduction by 2030 and net zero by 2050 from the Councils FY2018 baseline.


The council have achieved energy savings of 11.73GWh (the amount ~1,035 households use each year), avoided 1,231 tonnes of CO2-e and are on track to save $1.5m per year in operating costs. Throughout Covid-19 the team was able to monitor key sites remotely, ensuring they were efficiently shutdown whilst still ensuring appropriate ventilation for their use.

Auckland Council has also invested in the use of View, providing up-to-date and digestible data on the business’s progress so far in sustainability.