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Z’s purpose is to solve what matters for a moving world. At Z, we reckon sustainability matters and we’re committed to acting in a way that benefits the future of the communities we operate in. ESP provides the management tools for Z to achieve our goals.


Z Energy (previously, Shell Oil New Zealand) is a retail fuel provider with over 300 sites throughout New Zealand. Each site is owned by one of 22 retail companies. Z Energy are a top 20 publicly listed company. They directly employ over 300 people and indirectly a further 2,200 through their retail network. They own a stake in New Zealand’s only refinery at Marsden Point and sell around 48% of New Zealand’s total transport fuel.


The main challenge for Z Energy was managing its electricity, water and waste data. The company wanted to analyse and benchmark data at corporate, site and retail levels. To do this, they were using a combination of spreadsheets to complete the process.

Senior Management recognised that the existing data management and reporting process was not sufficient to do what they required and needed an urgent overhaul.

They sought a solution that provided a single view of the data with the functionality to analyse and report information at all levels within the organisation.


Z Energy engaged ESP (then BraveGen) in discussions for a possible solution for their data management and reporting requirements.

ESP provided a “proof of value” concept using historical data to demonstrate how our software would collect, aggregate and display their data.

Using ESP’s automated data collection systems and sophisticated Business Intelligence tools, Z Energy was able to increase the speed and accuracy of reporting and provide detailed reporting to key stakeholders.