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NABERSNZ – Bayleys House

The list of sustainable credentials for Bayleys House continues to grow with not one but two NABERSNZ ratings.


Managed by a partnership of Australasian asset managers; 151 Property, and Bayleys Property Services, optimising building performance and offering healthy, comfortable workspaces for tenants is top of the agenda.

NABERSNZ assessments were sought for a variety of buildings as a means to ensure consistent, accurate and verifiable results across a broad range of criteria and to enhance sustainability.


ESP engaged with the building management partnership, utilising cutting-edge technology and monitoring software to quickly and efficiently secure strong NABERSNZ ratings for the properties. The ratings were a mixed of tenancy and basebuild.


A collaborative sustainable approach between landlord, property managers and tenants has delivered a high 4.5 star NABERSNZ base building rating for Bayleys House in Auckland waterfront’s dynamic commercial VXV Precinct.

Realty group Bayleys, who leases its head office in the building, has also earned a 4 star NABERSNZ rating for its tenancy – reflecting its strong commitment to the environment.

NABERSNZ assessor Hong Lee says high quality mechanical services including a fresh air system with a connected heat pump, have been instrumental in the achievement of a 4.5 star NABERSNZ rating for Bayleys House. The integrated heat pump provides consistent heat efficiency and reduces the need for electrical heating to kick in when the building cools down in winter.

Bayleys House has 70 energy monitoring meters spread across the building.“We can monitor down to 15 minute segments of energy use and you can even see the impact on air conditioning services if a staff member comes to work at 3am,” says Hong.

He says well-designed tenancy office services including LED lighting and occupancy sensors which switch off after 30 minutes, have driven the 4 star NABERSNZ tenancy score for Bayleys head office. A regime of normal daytime working hours has also propelled the Bayleys head office’s optimum energy performance.

Bayleys House also features the use of View, allowing stakeholders and staff to instantly understand how far they’ve come – and how far there is to go – on their journey towards meaningful sustainability.