ESP Sub metering

Counties Manukau Super Clinic


The Counties Manukau Superclinic is a modern dynamic building. Staff and patients need high levels of comfort and control over the internal environment. Unfortunately the building was performing poorly, with very high energy use per square meter.


An energy management plan laid out the solution which included detailed sub-metering on all utilities, along with the establishment of a continuous commissioning programme. Even small inefficiencies in an HVAC system can mean huge energy wastage over time.

“Because we use sub-metering to identify day-to-day fluctuations in our energy use, we can combine this with detailed interrogation of the BMS to pinpoint a problem when it pops up, fix it, and stop the energy wastage as it occurs.” Mark Davies, Energy Manager


The programme of monitoring and optimising the HVAC system at Counties Manukau SuperClinic saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational costs per year.